The North Oaks Community Foundation was started by Peter King on May 10, 2011. Peter’s vision was to encourage and enable philanthropic interests in the North Oaks community to support and promote innovative projects initiated by local civic minded citizens. The goal was to allow North Oaks residents to contribute to the long term growth and vitality of North Oaks by creating projects that would enhance the community.

The Foundation's mission has been to inspire, connect and engage members of the North Oaks and surrounding communities in volunteer efforts, to donate time and funds to complete projects that would benefit their communities and to provide educational programs and forums to community members on topics of interest.

Over the past nine years the Foundation has successfully accomplished its mission, fulfilling Peter’s vision. It helped raise $100,000 for the North Oaks West Rec Building and built an adjoining pavilion in honor of Peter King. For seven years, the Foundation sponsored the Home Improvement Fair that featured local companies that work in North Oaks. It was one of the very few annual events to bring together the entire North Oaks community, and at no cost to the citizens. It also subsidized or enabled numerous other citizen-initiated projects that improved the quality of life in North Oaks.

While it has been the privilege of the Foundation and its Board Members to have served North Oaks for the past nine years, a changing tax environment for charitable organizations as well as the changing makeup and interests of the community has diminished the need and purpose for the Foundation. Accordingly, the Foundation has ceased operations and is no longer accepting contributions or requests for funding.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Save the date!

Home Improvement Fair to be held Sunday, April 5th


Please click here to read our message regarding this event.

The annual Home Improvement Fair will be on Sunday, April 5th, 2020 from 1-4 p.m. at the North Oaks Golf Club.

All residents are invited to attend this event at no charge. All participating companies have worked in North Oaks before. Come take advantage of this opportunity to talk with experts about all those projects that you have been planning on doing! Click here to see the list of companies that are participating. This list will grow, so check back from time to time.

If you have a home improvement company and would like to participate in the Home Improvement Fair, send an email to to get more information.

The North Oaks Community Foundation, City of North Oaks, and Architectural Supervisory Committee will also be there to answer your questions. There will be door prizes and snacks.

Welcome to The North Oaks Community Foundation

This foundation is dedicated to funding projects with lasting impact to the North Oaks Community

imageThe foundation's mission is to connect philanthropic interests with innovative projects.

These projects may fit in a variety of areas: education, environmental, athletic, and community focused activities. Peter King championed this foundation so that North Oaks citizens could contribute to the long term growth and viability of the community. He believed many people have ideas and want to participate in projects that would enhance our community, but that no vehicle existed to help guide projects from beginning to end. The NOCF can provide the bridge to connect, engage, and inspire the community so that we can come together to invest in the future of North Oaks.

Peter King passed away on March 14, 2011, less than a week after the NOCF's first official meeting. His inspiration and vision will guide this foundation into the future.

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